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Real Estate Lawyers in Madrid

What can a Real Estate Lawyer help you with?

Our lawyers specializing in real estate law have extensive experience in all types of real estate transactions, both for individuals and legal entities, private individuals and investors, etc., dealing with deposit contracts, sale and purchase contracts, option to buy, double sale, defects, leases, etc. Our in-depth knowledge of real estate law guarantees the best defense of your interests.

In the firm we have experts specialized in all types of real estate operations with extensive knowledge in the area, this being one of the main fields of EK Abogados.

At EK Abogados we specialize in both national and foreign investments. Starting from the search and verification of the asset as well as its present and future profitability, new construction or subsequent transmissions, refurbished or to be refurbished? Always adapting to the client’s needs. We take care of finding the perfect asset for the client, and we carry out all the operations inherent to these sales and purchases.

Our lawyers for Spanish residency for property investment will help you to obtain your residency as a property investor, the so-called Golden Visa.

abogados de derecho inmobiliario en madrid

If you have made or are thinking of making a property investment of €500,000 or more, and you are interested in obtaining Spanish, our specialists in Foreigner’s Affairs will take care of processing and obtaining it, we take care of it:

1. The processing of the residence visa for both the real estate investor and the family unit.

2. Processing and obtaining the NIE (Tax Identification Number for foreigners).

3. Management of the purchase and sale (review of documents, taxes, accompaniment to notary and registry offices, as well as the legal review of the state of the properties, drafting and review of public and private contracts, recommendation of insurance and utility companies, alarms, etc.)

4. Advice on opening bank accounts.

5. Preparation of the signing of the public deed before a notary, for the acquisition of the asset by the company and/or individual.

6. Settlement of taxes and registration of the asset in the client’s name in the Land Registry.

Our expert lawyers and processors are specialized in the area of foreigners, they are not generalist lawyers, so our clients can count on a wide range of legal assistance.

Our lawyers will also advise you in all matters related to the following procedures, both in their civil and tax implications:

Drafting and advising on contracts

Our lawyers, specialized in Real Estate Law, will be able to offer you our professional services in all those matters of Real Estate Law that require our intervention and in particular in the drafting and advising in all those contracts related to Real Estate Law such as:

  • Lease contracts.
  • Contracts of sale and purchase.
  • Private and deposit contracts.
  • Purchase option contracts.
  • Exchange contracts in exchange for future building.
  • Surface contract.
  • Real Estate Donation Contract.
  • Construction contract
  • Real estate purchase and sale contract.
  • Due diligence process (legal and financial audit) prior to the taking of participation, both from the point of view of the seller and the buyer.

Real Estate Judicial Proceedings

Our Lawyers, specialized in Real Estate Law, will be able to offer you our professional services in all the judicial procedures in claim or defense of your rights that could arise.

  • Purchase and Sale of Real Estate
  • Advice on the purchase and sale of real estate and real estate properties.
  • Inheritance with Real Estate.
  • Claim of Debts